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Vail-Industries’ Twitter Feed is a portal for friends, family, internet enthusiasts, and technology enthusiasts to stay up-to-date with all of the goings-on at Vail-Industries. Discover articles, other like minded people, and be the first to hear about Vail-Industries promotions and site news as they post.

That said, I welcome you to become a follower on Twitter!

What is Twitter anyway?

Twitter is an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. It’s an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you care about. Twitter contains information you will find valuable. Messages from users you choose to follow will show up on your home page for you to read. It’s like being delivered a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting – you can discover news as it’s happening, learn more about topics that are important to you, and get the inside scoop in real time. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, you’ll be happy to learn that setting one up is free, easy, and best of all — you can enjoy as much or as little privacy as you want. To sign up, just click here. Fill out your full name, email address, and password to get the ball rolling.

Make sure your email address is valid, as Twitter will not let you complete the process until you’ve verified it.

Using Twitter (This information is taken directly from Twitter FAQs

If you remember one thing after perusing this page, it should be this: reading Tweets and discovering new information whenever you check in on your Twitter timeline is where you’ll find the most value on Twitter. Some people find it useful to contribute their own Tweets, but the real magic of Twitter lies in absorbing real-time information that matters to you.

  • DISCOVER SOURCES: Find and follow others

    – It’s best to begin your journey by finding and following other interesting Twitter accounts. Look for businesses you love, public service accounts, people you know, celebrities, or news sources you read. (Click here for help finding interesting accounts.) Tip: One great way to find more interesting accounts is see who those you know or admire are following.

  • CHECK IT OFTEN: Pay attention to what’s happening

    – Messages from others you follow will show up in a readable stream on your Twitter homepage. Once you’ve followed a few people, you’ll have a new page of information to read each time you log in. Click links in others’ Tweets to view images they’ve linked to. Click hashtagged keywords (#) to view all Tweets about that topic.

  • TAKE IT WITH YOU: Connect your mobile

    – One of the best things about Twitter is that it’s portable. Connect your account to your mobile phone or download a Twitter application to begin reading Tweets on the go. Now you can get updates about traffic problems in the middle of your commute, find out what the players are saying while you’re at the game, or catch up on the buzz about an event you’re about to attend. Tip: Using Twitter via SMS allows you to pick and choose which updates you want from those you follow, so you can get mobile updates from the accounts that matter most to your life on-the-go.

  • BUILD A VOICE: Retweet, reply, react

    – Use existing information (other people’s Tweets) on Twitter to find your own voice and show others what you care about. Retweet messages you’ve found and love, or @reply with your reaction to a Tweet you find interesting. Tip: If you’re a new user, others are more likely to find your messages if they are Retweets or @replies.

  • MENTION: Include others in your content

    – Once you’re ready to begin authoring your own messages, consider mentioning other users by their Twitter username (preceded by the @ sign) in your Tweets. This can help you think of what to write, will draw more eyes to your message, and can even start a new conversation. Try posting a message mentioning a celebrity or person you admire – they often respond to fans. You’ll see their response on your Mentions tab. Tip: Can’t think of anything to write? You don’t have to. The real magic lies in your reading of content on Twitter.

  • GET FANCY: Explore advanced features

    – As you become more engaged on Twitter, others will begin to find and follow you. Once you’re familiar with Twitter basics, consider exploring the site’s more advanced features: lists, direct messages, and favorites. Learn how to include images or videos in your Tweets, or consider connecting your Twitter account to your your blog, Facebook, or website. Tip: The best way to gain followers on Twitter is to regularly engage and contribute in a meaningful way.

The Twitter Glossary can be found Here

How to Become a Follower

Find the Twitter Feed here. Then click “Follow“. It’s that easy. If you’re a really big follower, let your friends and family know so they can become followers, too.

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