Social Commerce

Social Commerce

What is Social Commerce and what does it mean for you. The social part of the concept is nothing new. It’s probably as old as time. It happens everyday, every hour, every minute, and even every second. And unless you live in a cave with internet access with a personal boycott against all of the social networks, you are a part of it.
The Social aspect of social commerce, is simply something you do every day. When you share your opinion on items like cars, cell phones, healthcare products, chocolate, or coffee as just a few examples, you are basically promoting products you believe in. I have been a part of it on both sides, offing my opinion as well as asking for one. The largest purchase I have recently made was a car, I asked a few people their opinion on a car and most recommendations where for Hyundai with a couple for Honda. Now when it was time for us to shop for a car, those opinions from those whom I respect had more value than what the car salesman was telling us. So, we ended up buying a Hyundai, and I would agree with my friends assessment of the vehicle and the brand. It is not a Mercedes, or a Hummmer, or a Sherman Tank for that matter, but for the price paid for the vehicle, I believe it has the best return value.
The idea behind social commerce started many years ago. Except it wasn’t called social commerce, it was called a Tupperware Party. The idea behind Tupperware is simple this. When you went to a party, saw the products and even purchased and used a few of them, you would probably see the value returned on Tupperware was pretty good. You would attend another party, buy some more Tupperware and in the process become a loyal Tupperware consumer. Who else would be a better spokesperson to your friends and family about Tupperware? Some actor or actress so far removed from the product that gets paid thousands or even millions for an endorsement, or you a loyal consumer who uses and likes the products? Tupperware saw that you the loyal consumer would be! So they decided to encourage your endorsement, by monetizing your sharing. When you hosted a Tupperware Party, you would receive a percentage of the sales at that party. Enter the commerce part of social commerce.
Some say Social Commerce is simply reviews from customers, but I think it’s more involving. The definition on the internet of social commerce limits it to online activities. However, being social is limited to the internet. Social can be face to face. My take on it is Social Commerce is Network Marketing with out the High Pressure Sales.
Now there are a number of businesses that claim that they are social commerce and there are a number that actually are for social commerce. Some of the businesses I have reviewed. Of those, I have join forces with a couple because I see a future with them. Not just a future with me, but a future overall as a company. At least at the time of this post, from a distance I never would have seen what happened to Hostess coming, but after review mistakes have been made and directions that companies go can change.
The companies I have joined forces with are Solavei and RippLn. I will have articles for each company shortly. But if you don’t want to wait for the coming articles check out my websites below.

For my Solavei Business:
Solavei Social Commerce
For my RippLn Business:
RippLn Social Commerce
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