New Job

New Job

Well it is official (or at least it has been for two weeks now). I am no longer working at the warehouse club. I have a new job as an Operations Support Analyst. The pay is almost four times more than I was making at the warehouse club. I now have weekends to spend time with my family instead of a day here and a day there. And my schedule is the same everyday. No more closing (getting home around 11:00 PM) and then opening the next day (leaving the house around 4:30 AM). No more watching my paycheck disappear 5 minutes after I get it, it now lasts 30 minutes :D.
The commute is just as long. and yet with the same hours everyday, the commute is highly predictable.
I’m loving the job too. I monitor processes and maintain systems for peak performance. I also get to play a little bit on the development side which is awesome.

Does this mean that now that I am making decent money doing something I enjoy, I am going to stop working on my other ventures? No. As most people know, (I would say everyone but some politicians seem to disagree) the economy is down right miserable. Why it is not classified as a recession, or even a depression, I do not understand. So even though my job is great and there are no signs of a company-wide (or localized to my department) financial meltdown, MCI, Enron, and now Hostess, has shown us that the unemployment line could be a lot closer than things appear. A lot like that sticker on the mirror in your car.
This now gives me more time to grow in other areas. Before, I was working fulltime at the warehouse club, looking for a better job in my available time, trying to build my businesses for additional much needed income, and squeezing time for my family in there somewhere. Now, I am working fulltime, spending time with my family and building my businesses for a backup revenue stream.

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