Yes, I have revamped again. I guess I love tweaking the server to get maximum performance out of it.

My latest big change was to convert my main WordPress site to a multisite configuration. Mainly for plugin and theme management since I use basically the same plugins across the board. Instead of having to log into all six sites for updates, I just log into one now.

I had an issue during setup. On the primary or “parent domain” I could login no problem, but my “children domains” were stuck at log-in. OK Not really stuck, the log-in would get redirected back to itself. Here’s how I did it. I followed the instructions here for beginning of the setup. Then I installed the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin. and thoroughly followed the instructions there. I then added one of my spare domains (when registered I got the .info for free) I started troubleshooting the site with this reference. Got further along. But I still couldn’t get past the login for Dashboard. I tried the Android App and was able to post (couldn’t access the Dashboard there either). The instructions did not specify adding the other domain into the Domain Mapping: Domains as a new domain. I haven’t found anything that specifies what a SITE ID is and where to get it. So I just started at 1. The Parent Domain is not required (or so i think as it’s not listed after adding) but after adding it. It works.

And so far there was only one problem I found. That is favicons. Initially all favicons used are that of the host site. But there is a plugin that fixes it. Network Favicons did the job. I just made a few changes to allow for multiple sites to use the same template and have there own favicon.

 function network_favicon() {
$ADVSite_URL = site_url();
$ADVNSite_URL = network_site_url();
$ADVFavIcon = $ADVNSite_URL.'favicon/'.trim($ADVSite_URL, 'http://');
$ADVFavIcon2 = ABSPATH.'favicon/'.trim($ADVSite_URL, 'http://');
$template = get_bloginfo('stylesheet_directory');
$dir = get_stylesheet_directory();
if( file_exists($ADVFavIcon2 . '/favicon.ico') ) {
echo '';
} elseif( file_exists($ADVFavIcon2 . '/favicon.png') ) {
echo '';
} elseif( file_exists($ADVFavIcon2 . '/favicon.gif') ) {
echo '';


And no the ADV in the variable names isn’t vanity, years ago I started doing that to avoid stepping on any global variables that are declared. Now I need to stop tweaking and start writing, now that my site has been revamped again. And no I am not switching back to Joomla, though I might set up a subdomain for drupal, to see what that’s like. But I am loving my WordPress!

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